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If you've never seen a digital publication and this is all new, in 5 minutes you can be an expert. If you've been here before, and things look different, it's because they are.

People have told us they love the site, but . . . . . . .

So we fixed the "but's". The magazines load faster, the mobile app is more robust, navigation is more intuitive, we accept iOS and Android gestures, and the navigation bar has been removed. In a nutshell, the magazines are much simpler. To open a magazine, click the photo of the magazine cover, like the one on the right. That will open the magazine on a new webpage. The current issue is on the home page. A list of the previous issues can be seen by click "click to select" on the home page.

Once the magazine is open, it can be closed by closing the webpage. To turn the pages, click either the page forward icon on the right side of the screen or the page back icon on the left side of the screen. The blue arrows below point to those icons. If you have a keyboard, you can use the left and right arrows to change pages.

Prior issue of the Southwest Star Magazine

The red arrow above points to a toolbar. The toolbar's top icon allows you to zoom in on a page. One click zooms in, the second click returns it to the normal size.

The second icon is a page overview. It allows you to get a brief look at what you can find in the magazine. It's also a shortcut for quick navigation to a specific page

The third icon allows you to put the magazine in full page mode. After putting the magazine in full page mode, it can be returned to its normal size by pressing that same icon again.

The fourth icon allows you to download the magazine as a PDF

The last icon is for social media. Hover over it and you will have four choices; Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and email.

Lastly, where can you read The Southwest Star? Everywhere. On your PC, laptop, tablet, netbook, phone, hybrid, or even your navigation system. To receive an email notification when new issues are released drop us a note at
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Please, don't read the Southwest Star while driving.
Although reading while parked is cool.